Decorative Bird Houses
Expanding your backyard birding habitat to offer shelter is another way to attract and enjoy more of your feathered friends. Bird houses can add decorative detail to your yard while providing a comfortable home for your local winged friend. A bird house in your yard provides needed shelter for wild birds during the colder months. The different types and sizes of houses accommodate different bird species, so it is important to know which species you prefer to attract. The size, entrance hole, and even the construction of each bird house greatly influences the types of birds that become interested in it. 

Keep in mind the type of bird you would like to attract as there are certain houses better suited for specific birds. There are houses available for certain types of birds, such as Woodpeckers, bluebirds, wrens, purple martins or even owls and ducks.
Bird Houses come in a variety of styles including cottage, church and victorian as well as the free standing and hanging Bird Houses. If your yard has a particular style, them there is surely a nesting box to complement it.

Decorative Bird Houses

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