Purple Martin Bird Houses
Purple Martins are a welcome addition to any bird lover's backyard, especially those with insect or mosquito problems. But martins bring much more than natural insect reduction to your yard. These birds are truly people oriented and want to be around us and in fact are literally dependent on us for housing. Their happiness is so spontaneous and exuberant and their aerial displays so magnificent, it's not hard to grasp why we admire them so much. Many people feel, the martin's sense of exuberance and cheer is in return for offering them a nice place to live and raise their family. They undoubtedly bring a sense of peace and happiness to all those fortunate enough to attract them. 

Purple martins are almost completely dependent on man-made housing.  It is critical that the house is located far enough from trees or limbs to ensure that predators can't easily access their house. Additionally, the martins love an open space to perform their aerial acrobats so make sure the house is placed in an open space, a minimum of 30 feet from the closest overhanging limbs or branches and if possible within 40 feet of your own house. The house should be raised to an elevation of between 12 and 14 feet

Purple Martin Bird Houses

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